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We support companies and organizations in creating digital learning content to make knowledge transfer clear, efficient and measurable.

Use cases


Onboarding of new employees

Welcome new employees and introduce them quickly and efficiently to your organization.

HR Learning & Development

On-the-job training

Use e-learning to create training opportunities that add value and are valued by the workforce.

Modern workplace

Software training

Train employees in the use of software. So that one can work successfully with the tools.

Distribution, Partner

Product training, sales training

Train your sales team to celebrate success together. Empower your partners and make them experts on your product.


Compliance training

Inform and monitor employees on regulations, laws, or compliance with organization policies.

Universities, educational institutions

Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom

Enhance face-to-face instruction with e-learning. Accompany the learning process in the best possible way and create space for discussion and practical work at meetings.

Associations, NGOs

Communicate technical topics

Convey your expert knowledge to the target group in high quality. Thanks to e-learning, independent of time and location.

Conveying knowledge with e-learning in a clear, efficient, measurable and inspiring way

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cometas learning platform

E-learning, LMS, analytics, authoring tool, mobile learning

Convey knowledge content in a playful way with quizzes, tasks, videos and much more.

Keep track of learning and performance levels.

Learn anywhere, anytime: on smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.


We support you in the conception and implementation of interactive learning media and advise you on your continuing education strategy.

Explainer Video

We explain your topic with an explanatory film in a simple and understandable way. Entertaining and appropriate for the target group.

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Our passion is to convey expert knowledge as e-learning in an understandable and inspiring way. You can find us at our location in Basel and wherever you need us.

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