E-learning consulting and production

We work in partnership with you to develop your training strategy and create digital learning opportunities.

The right method for every topic

We analyze your topic and work with you to find the right form of instruction.

In 4 steps to the finished learning sequence

Thanks to the four steps, we efficiently deal with the unique characteristics of each project: We ask the right questions to the right person at the right moment and thus achieve high-quality results.

Important project data are recorded (target group, learning objectives, schedule). Together, we compile and structure the content to be taught.
cometas suggests suitable didactic formats (text, graphics, interactions, films, etc.) and makes a concrete proposal for the course of the learning sequence.
Learning platform: We create the learning sequence on the learning platform and enrich it with interactions for practicing, deepening and testing the subject matter.
Explainer video: in our studio we produce important learning steps quickly and professionally in video format.
Optimizations: Together, we review the finished product for clarity and comprehensibility.
We prepare the communication, the schedule and the target group and roll out the e-learning to the users at the defined time.
Christian Wyss
Head HR Learning & Development, Migros Bank
“cometas skillfully applies their didactic expertise in the development of our online trainings. The collaboration is fun and very productive.
Dr. Annette Mollet
Head Education and Training of ECPM – European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine
“At cometas, I appreciate the professional consulting and the close cooperation. Our e-learnings are captivating. I receive a lot of positive feedback from instructors and course participants.”
Nathalie Gasser
Head of National Competence Center Tuberculosis
“Impressive how a lot of medical theory turned into an engaging and informative learning experience. I really liked the collaborative approach and elaboration of the e-learning!”

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Frequently asked questions

Any topic can be successfully taught with e-learning. Once created in high quality, the E-Learning can be used as often as you want, anytime and anywhere.
For practically oriented topics, the blended learning approach is worthwhile. With the outsourcing of theoretical knowledge transfer, time is released in synchronous face-to-face teaching for practical work and group discussion. We support you in the development of a meaningful curriculum, whether on or offline.
With the experience from various e-learning projects, cometas has developed a functioning system that transforms content into comprehensible learning experiences. Our approach is efficient, goal-oriented, but always individually tailored to your project. Thus, the creation of e-learning is not expensive.
The effort required to prepare an e-learning is definitely higher than a spontaneous and unprepared lesson. However, the investment in e-learning development pays off from the very first implementation. However, the high didactic quality and the possibility to use the e-learning infinitely often pays off from the first implementation.
We would be happy to look at your project with you without further obligation.
In our experience, developing an initial e-learning together is a good way to move forward quickly with a steep learning curve. The experience you gain will help you to implement projects independently later on.