cometas learning platform

Convey knowledge content in a comprehensible way, keep track of user performance and save costs. Provide your users with inspiring e-learning.


cometas explains your knowledge content in a way that it is understood and sustainably memorized. With video, text, image, story, chatbot and much more.
Thanks to interactive exercises, learners receive learning feedback at any time.

Lern Analytics

Keep track of all learning and performance levels anytime. Thanks to the precise evaluation, you accompany and support the learners individually.

LMS – Learning Management

Invite users to learning activities and administer them. Organize users into groups and assign rights.

Authoring tool

Create an inspiring e-learning with just a few clicks and no need for prior knowledge.
In the same view as the learners will see later. Learning navigation, video player, puzzles, tasks, stories, tests and much more.

Mobile Learning

Time and location independent learning: Whether at the office desk, on the train or at home on the couch – learn where and when you want.
The app is fully optimized for smartphone, tablet, desktop. No installation required.

Intelligent learning assistance

Remind users at the right moment. Ask the right task at the right moment. The learning platform takes care of that.

Learning from each other

Learn together and from each other. Ask questions and give help thanks to the comment section.

Find knowledge quickly

Use your learning content as a knowledge base. On cometas all content including videos can be browsed.

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Frequently asked questions

The goal of e-learning: sustainable learning success. With the cometas learning platform you achieve exactly that. The number of buttons and switches is secondary. We work every day to keep the platform light and clear despite a large range of functions.
Yes. You can easily create new courses and edit existing ones without any prior technical knowledge. In the same view as the learners will experience later.
At cometas, the focus is on knowledge transfer. If you manage your users in another place with other tools; no problem. The cometas learning platform can be easily integrated with all common systems.
cometas puts the user and his learning processes in the spotlight. The cometas learning platform is designed by didacticians and learning psychologists.