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We explain your topic with a video.

Visualize, explain

Video appeals to multiple senses; we explain with moving images, graphics, texts, colors and audio.
Thanks to our optimized production process, explanatory films at cometas are didactically well thought-out, inexpensive and beautiful.
Marc Buyse
Chief Scientific Officer at IDDI and CluePoints, Associate Professor at Hasselt University
“Thank you for the amazing video. I found it far more entertaining to watch than a PowerPoint with voice over: the animation keeps you on your toes, and seeing the speaker adds the personal element that we miss so much in webinars and other forms of distant learning.”
Petra Hirschi
Leiterin Bildungsgang Biomedizinische Analytik HF, medi Bern
“cometas did a super job coaching our team through the explainer video production. The lecturers appear authentic and competent in front of the camera. The result is very convincing. I would not have expected that professional explainer videos could be realized so easily.”
Marc Pfyffer
Pfyffer Partner, Studiengangsleiter HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich
“The explainer videos from cometas get our content right to the point. We were always challenged to think about what is important. The combination of film and animation is convincing. Thank you!

Explainer style

Together we will find the right format for your project.


We let experts speak directly and present the topic right to the camera. This creates intimacy and emotions. Thanks to the teleprompter, the explanations are to the point and the videos can be produced quickly and efficiently.


Work processes, tasks and operations can often best be explained on site. We design the instruction and film the tutorial.


With animations we make complex things understandable and abstract things accessible. Additionally, a professional voice explains the content to your target audience.

The cometas Studio

In our in-house film studio, we efficiently create your professional explainer film.

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Attila Gaspar

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Frequently asked questions

We create your explainer moviel in partnership with you. You provide us with the content, we support you in structuring it. We ask the right questions to make your content understandable for everyone. We know how to use film dramaturgy and design the explanatory film in such a way that people follow your content with interest.
We love listening to experts. The enthusiasm for the subject becomes the learners’ motivation.
When experts stand in front of the camera themselves, it’s not only authentic, it also keeps video production lean and efficient.
We are proficient in working with lay people. The text can be read directly from the teleprompter in our studio so that the experts can concentrate on presenting.
Upon request, we will also be happy to find the right actress or actor.
We provide everything from text translation to subtitles and VoiceOver for a multilingual project.

By optimizing our processes, we keep production as lean as possible and thus costs low. Contact us for a individual offer for your project.

Your target audience uses YouTube and social media. A high-quality learning experience is a form of showing appreciation for your learners and has a motivating effect. You can also create movies yourself with your smartphone. It’ s a question of budget and quality requirements.
Studio recording is the most efficient way to quickly produce high quality professional explainer movies. Good quality sound with an easy to understand audio track is worth a lot.

We are experts in the creation of explainer movies. Explainer movies can be used in different settings. Whether as part of an e-learning, on the intranet, on your website, or on YouTube and social media.